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Brainy Bee Honey
c/o Bob and Kaye Chisholm
331 Valley Rd
Kelowna, BC
V1V 2E5
Farm Direct: 250-762-2203



Brainy Bee came to live with Bob & Kaye Chisholm in 2000, when they moved to Kelowna, in BCs Okanagan Valley. To their delight, the property came complete with seven bee hives!

A new hobby began; Bob & Kaye both completed the “BeeMasters” program at Simon Fraser University to become qualified Master Beekeepers.

The hobby quickly grew – the seven hives became 12, then 25, then 50 and now number 200. Things are really buzzing.

It truly is a family business. In 2016 daughter Ami joined the team full time, and helps in all aspects of the business. Son in Law, Garrett helps with Graphic Design; and Son Brad, along with his family enjoy the role of ‘product testers’.

Currently, Brainy Bee and his hard working friends gather nectar and pollen throughout the Okanagan and Cariboo regions of British Columbia.